About Us

We are on a mission to help companies get things done.

Over the years, we have seen so many great ideas go unrealized due to lack of time, resources, internal politics, the distraction of shiny new objects and simply because…change is hard.

Turns out it’s not about the perfect plan…and - there is no magic wand.

It’s about getting the right people engaged, focused on the right things and getting enough right to agree and move forward.

We enjoy helping people to get things done and make an impact!

Meet Simone

Simone loves working with people to understand where they want to go and help them solve for how to get there.

She has a knack for finding just the right balance between bringing in structure and leaving room for exploration.

Before venturing out on her own, Simone spent her career as an advocate for key stakeholders in the commercial real estate industry. Her focus was on bringing teams together to solve common problems in pragmatic ways.

When she is not working on exciting projects with her clients, she enjoys spending time with her family, squeezing in some practice time to pursue her lifelong dream of playing the guitar, train for an obstacle race or try to come up with the next impossible pun.

Meet Dave

David Dunlap

Dave thrives on getting things done - Cutting through the noise to make decisions and take action.

He has spent the last 20 years helping clients drive large-scale transformations. From developing strategies to planning, execution and realization of outcomes, Dave simplifies the complex and helps leaders get teams engaged and on the same page.

Dave volunteers as a business mentor for the Chicago technology start up incubator 1871–helping tech entrepreneurs operationalize ideas.

Outside of work, you may find him at the gym or enjoying the freedom of the open road on his motorcycle.

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